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[20 Mar 2009 | admin | Comments Off | 2,791 views]
St. Margaret’s Goes Orange: Student Work in a Juried Art Show

Several students are representing our school in the 35th Annual Color It Orange K12 Student Art Exhibition in Laguna Beach. The exhibit continues through this Sunday, March 22.
The following students’ work was selected by a panel of experts to be included in the exhibition.
Lane Hodges, kindergarten; Logan Tomaselli, grade 3; Lewis Smith, grade 2; Samantha Stuart, grade 6; Amira Tarsadia, grade 6;  Chris Helm, grade 7; Ryan Kartiko, grade 7; Ashley Eichenauer, grade 8; Gigi Geil, grade 8; Morie Malchow, grade 8; Luke Warren, grade 8; Clementine Marcus, grade 9; …

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[20 Mar 2009 | admin | Comments Off | 1,976 views]
Student Perspective: The Three S's in the Clay Lab

For the past few weeks in the clay lab, my fellow students and I have been working on a two-part project. The project’s main purpose was to teach craftsmanship as well as clay’s limitations.

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