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Trustees and Parents Honor Headmaster Marcus D. Hurlbut for Decade of Service

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0140Nearly 500 parents and friends of the St. Margaret’s community gathered in the Performing Arts Center to honor retiring Headmaster Marcus D. Hurlbut for his decade of service, enduring commitment to the mission, and devoted love for St. Margaret’s in a beautiful and poignant Parent Farewell Celebration hosted by the Board of Trustees.

Special presentations in the Marcus D. Hurlbut Theater included remarks by President of the Board of Trustees Michael J. Berchtold, Trustee Stacey Nicholas, a vocal performance of “To Sir with Love,” by grade 10 student Morgan Higgins, and a surprise tribute to their dad by siblings Kate Chappell and Matt Hurlbut that included touching family memories, hilarious confessions of children of a headmaster and a personal montage of family photos through the years that had the many members of the audience in joyful tears.

In his remarks, Mr. Berchtold said, “Marc has lived and breathed with a remarkable commitment to St. Margaret’s. He is in the parking lot, or walking around campus, or teaching in class, or at a St. Margaret’s performance, or cheering at a game for one of our teams, or in the community working on our behalf. His energy and commitment have no bounds.

“Marc’s compassion and love for our community and or kids runs to the depth of his soul. Early on, Marc told me that St. Margaret’s can do many things for our families, but at the core, our school must ensure that every child is known, every child is valued and every child is loved.”

Ms. Nicholas said, “Under Marc’s leadership, St. Margaret’s has grown from a promising young school into the place of excellence that it is today. Just as our children change and grow so much in ten years, so did our school. To make a metaphor that we all can relate to as parents, St. Margaret’s was already a thriving young child when Marc came to campus. That child had been nurtured since birth by Father Sillers, and then by Mark Campaigne, who taught it to walk and talk. When Marc Hurlbut came 10 years ago, he taught it to run.

“Under his guidance, St. Margaret’s grew up. He taught it to share with others, and to become a responsible, vital member of the community. Through the Breakthrough program that Marc brought to the school, St. Margaret’s reached out to underserved middle school students in the local community, sharing our resources to provide hope and opportunities. He made financial aid a priority, enabling motivated students to have a St. Margaret’s education who could otherwise not afford it. He built ties with the community that really made a difference. Marc taught his young school to strive for excellence, but also to remain balanced. He fostered that sense of love, caring, and family that we all know and cherish here.”

In conclusion Ms. Nicholas added, “Letting go is a little easier when you know that your child is prepared to enter a new phase of life. Marc, you will be a hard act to follow, but you are giving our new headmaster the greatest gift – the gift of leaving the school in the best possible position going into the future. You’ve made it so that our new leader will have every chance to succeed in guiding our school to unimagined new heights.”

Together with Trustees Ms. Nicholas and Don Johnson, Mr. Berchtold presented a gift from the school to Mr. Hurlbut. He said, “There is no doubt that I am a better man for having known and worked with Marc. Our school has been a better school with Marc as our headmaster, and our community has been a better community with the Hurlbuts among us. Thank you for all you have done. Your legacy is powerful and will be long lasting.”

The one-of-a-kind, solid bronze memento is a miniature version of the bronze sculpture of the St. Margaret’s crest that graces the front of the walkway of the Performing Arts Center and has an inscription that reads: Educating Hearts and Minds, Marcus D. Hurlbut, Headmaster 2003—2013. Mr. Berchtold said, “The crest reminds us of Marc’s observance of the history and traditions of our school and we hope that it will remind him of our kids, our community and our deep affection for him.”

On behalf of the parent community, President of the Parent Teacher Fellowship Janet Mitchell presented a $55,000 check from the PTF grants to the Marcus D. Hurlbut Financial Aid Endowment bringing the total to more than $600,000 in raised funds this year.

The formal presentation concluded with Mr. Hurlbut joining seniors Harrison White, Melisa Osborne and Austin Foley in a moving performance of, “It’s Your World Now,” an Eagles song that Mr. Hurlbut traditionally sings each year to the graduating class at Senior Banquet.





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