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St. Margaret’s Sends Off Its #1 Tartan

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0386From Wee Tartans to graduating seniors, a tunnel of enthusiastic students, parents, faculty and staff awaited Headmaster Marcus D. Hurlbut as he exited his office headed for his final All-School Closing Ceremony on Wednesday. The human tunnel, lined with a sea of red shirts that read, “School’s Out, Forever a Tartan”—a tribute to the name of Mr. Hurlbut’s boat, travelled from the Headmaster’s Office, along Chalmers Field, through the Middle School and on to Pasternack Field House. With a video camera mounted on his baseball cap, Mr. Hurlbut and his wife Pat were greeted with hugs and high-fives as they meandered through the tunnel.

Nearly 1,500 people gathered to officially give Mr. Hurlbut a final send-off. Senior Mattingly Messina opened the ceremony with the following:

“Marc Hurlbut has revolutionized what it means to lead an institution. For over one thousand students, gathering in the same location every day to learn similar ideas and grow as people, what we care about most from the man in charge is simply how well he is going to work with us – as a team, as a unit, and as a Tartan family. This is a man who has taken what it means to show compassion, to show interest in activities, and to show visionary and executive leadership and apply it on a grand scale. The face of our school would be so incredibly different if this mustached man had not stepped foot on this beautiful campus ten years ago.

“Personal stories are the crux of the memories the student body will have of Mr. Hurlbut. Every kindergartener will forever remember being greeted in the mornings in the parking lot by their very own headmaster, donning his preppy New England style with a flair of country. We will all remember surprising the man on his birthday by sporting fake mustaches. We will remember every sports game, every arts performance, and every meaningful event because Mr. Hurlbut made it a personal mission to join in them. This man never slept. He was ever-present on this campus, wandering up and down the hallways, hips out, arms swinging, and typing on an iPhone he barely knows how to work.

“I have been able to grow alongside Mr. Hurlbut during my time in high school and have been affected in so many ways by the time, talents, and love of this man. As I leave, I am proud to be able to call him an instructor, a mentor, and a personal friend whom I care deeply about.”

Each division proceeded to present Mr. Hurlbut with a farewell gift, including a knitted Mr. Hurlbut doll from the Preschool, a monogrammed red sweater and hymn books from the Lower School, a pickle ball set from the Middle School, and a guitar from the Upper School. Additionally, Lower School students recognized Pat Hurlbut by making a $125 donation in her name to The Ark of San Juan’s animal rescue efforts.

“From the day I first set foot on the St. Margaret’s campus more than 10 years ago, I knew this place was special but I will confess, I had no idea how special or how deeply I would come to love the school and all of you. And this year, I have been moved beyond description by the many kind, thoughtful, creative and fun-filled ways that you showed your love to me. It has been a year I will never forget,” said Mr. Hurlbut.

During the festive ceremony, Former Associate Headmaster David Boyle also presented The David G. Boyle Lifetime Service Award. The award was established to be given in honor of David Boyle who faithfully served St. Margaret’s Episcopal School from 1980-2012, and is given to a “lifetime” member of the graduating class whose service and dedication to the school best reflects David’s extraordinary contributions. This year’s recipient was senior and St. Margaret’s lifer Karly Thomas.

Mr. Hurlbut concluded the ceremony by congratulating and recognizing those listed below on their St. Margaret’s anniversaries.


Kathy Leedom


Mike Allison

Jorge Barriga

Anne Kemp

Ira Raibon


Edgar Barriga

Jill Fincher

Amanda Hudson

Lisa Mers

Rocky Parker

Rosario Valdez

Nicki Yokota


Bonnie Bauer

Patty Canright

Chris Carbajal

Enrique Echezarreta

John Mellard

Rose Desa

Liz Harris

Beatriz Jacobson


Mara Balak

Stephanie Cole

Kendra Dobron

Lindsay Eres

Katie Harris

Annabell Jerrod-Jones

Andrew Johnson

Eva Kammerer

Jessica Lee

Jennifer Perez

Karen Poffenberger

Tess Posvistak

Nina Rietsch

Victor Uribe


Curtis Fuller, Security (8 years)

Marcus D. Hurlbut, Headmaster (10 years)

Laurie Smith, Preschool Teacher (14 years) – Retirement

Robyn Hamilton, Lower School Enrichment Teacher (24 years) – Emeritus

Not Returning:

Edgar Galdamez, Lower School Teacher (2 years)

Elizabeth Bauer, Lower School Teacher (3 years)

Josie Comas Bardot, Upper School Receptionist and Attendance Coordinator (3 years)

Megan Moilanen, Upper School Teacher (3 years)

Mara Balak, Lower School Instructional Assistant (5 years)

Stephanie Cole, Lower School Teacher (5 years)

Summer Crabtree, Upper School Teacher (7 years)

Jason Leneau, Upper and Middle School Physical Education (8 years)

Joanne Pate, Instructional Support Coordinator (8 years)

Cristy Sellas, Library Assistant (8 years)

Cyndi Quinn, Middle School Arts (10 Years)

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