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A Look at the Class of 2013’s Independent Senior Projects

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img_18432By Peter Clark, ISP Co-Director and Upper School English teacher

The 2013 Independent Senior Projects, guided by Co-Directors and Upper School teachers Pam Virk and Peter Clark, came to a close last Friday with seniors presenting their project reflections on Monday to their fellow advisory classmates, advisor, and a selected junior advisory.

The range of ISPs was broad and deep this year with students engaging in projects such as microchip technology at Broadcom, creating a robotic hand from scratch on campus, civic leadership at the Laguna Niguel mayor’s office, environmental stewardship action plans for high schools at San Juan Capistrano’s Ecology Center, and service learning with Operation Help a Hero in Orange County. Approximately 20 students engaged in creative projects, which resulted with an originally choreographed dance recital featuring five performance numbers, a staged reading of an originally written and directed one-act play, and some entirely student performed and recorded music. A record number eight students travelled outside Orange and Los Angeles County for their ISPs, with five students travelling internationally to Peru, India and England. image

From fashion design in London to musical instrument craftsmanship in Orange, the Class of 2013 further matured the ISP program as a true capstone experience. The strength of the ISP has also grown from the contributions from St. Margaret’s alumni and parent body. These experiential methods of giving to the school by our alumni and parents demonstrate the strength of the St. Margaret’s community experience, and deepen the learning for students while on campus and in all of the days that follow graduation.

Below are some student ISP reflections:

“This past Friday was the last day I was in the hospital. Although our ISP is finished, I will still be going to Mission Hospital to continue watching different surgeries. This past Friday, I was in a five-hour surgery which involved the removal of a spinal tumor. The doctor worked standing up looking into a scope for five hours straight without moving! That certainly requires patience and precision. Being involved in the entire process of seeing this patient in the office and then in the operating room on the operating table in a matter of a few hours was indeed incredible. This experience has truly been gratifying,” said Arin Melkonian.

“I cannot believe how well my ISP went. It is almost everything I expected and then some. Working at Rimrock Capital really opened my eyes to what I could possibly be doing in a few years. I enjoyed it very much. Being able to work with four of my classmates was even better. We worked very well as a team when trying to accomplish tasks that people around the office would ask us to do. For example, constructing certain graphs on data that they gave us was one of the tasks we had to do. When Mr. Eddington would come into our little work space and talk to us about the economical world, it opened my eyes to how smart you really have to be to understand everything there is about business. It truly was a remarkable experience to work at Rimrock Capital,” said David Walters.

photo_chin_391766752_9007682“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the vet clinic. Every day was different and full of new facts and faces. I become quite comfortable with the staff and the animals. There were a ton of positives that came out of this experience, but one of the best is that Dr. Kali offered me a summer job! So even though I am done with the school project part of the learning at North Tustin Veterinary Clinic, the getting paid part is right around the corner! Not only that but I will be trusted with more duties and work my way up to becoming kennel staff,” said Hannah Nevarez.

“Overall my ISP was truly an experience I will never forget. I had no idea what I would really be doing before I started. I didn’t know what my job as a market intern would truly be and whether or not I would be able to see other aspects of the company such as sales. My experience working at PlayMyAd exceeded my expectations. I was able to create a whole campaign for their new ad process, which included making a logo, a name, and even brand it with social media,” said Shawn Dhillon.

“Looking back at these last three weeks, I am extremely grateful that I was able to partake in such a cool, instructional and fun ISP. Being able to hang out in the operating room is truly a unique and indelible experience. I have learned so much about the medical field including health disorders, symptoms and procedures. I saw how technology is integrated to the medical field and how vital it is in the medical field; to understand how CT machines, probes, external pumps, work, and to interpret data, a solid foundation in chemistry, math and physics is necessary,” said Victoria Lee.

“The experience that I had while interning for the mayor was unbelievable. As I got to know Mayor Ming and the rest of the city council, it became clear to me that this is truly what I want to look into as I go off into college and beyond. I learned so much – so much that can’t necessarily be easily put into words,” Mattingly Messina. “Overall, the amount of knowledge I received is difficult to quantify. I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of politics, I continued to become more adept at networking, and I began to understand the intricacies of photo_parker_390834277_80385532_tdiscussions, research, and listening, and how they all tie together. This experience was something I wish I didn’t have to stop.”

“My two weeks at Gieves and Hawkes House London have left me with a wealth of knowledge and a newfound appreciation for business and retail and the many facets of such a blended business. I am very lucky to have had the chance to contribute a tangible effort to the company; I was never asked to get coffee! I ended up presenting my brand assessment to the marketing director who asked for a copy, said he was impressed and wanted a photo of graduation as he kindly shared that I had left a mark with his team and would be remembered. I hope to continue my work with them and and am very grateful for the chance to be thrown into an entirely unknown situation and learn as I went. My ISP, although not in the field I believed I would be studying, has definitely made me think about exactly what I want to be doing and who knows I might end up at a fashion house,” said Savanna Riley.

Click here for a list of ISPs the Class of 2013 took part in this year.


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