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Important Parent Survey

24 May 2013 admin 2,163 views No Comment Email This Post Email This Post Print This Post Print This Post

Dear Parents,

As we look toward the end of our year together, I would like to thank you for supporting our school and for your wonderful children who make our lives so meaningful. Every year, we ask you to share your thoughts on our program in the form of the parent survey. As a researcher, I find this information critical to the work we do. For those of you who attended the Tartan Talk where I shared the survey results from last year, you remember that the data becomes more reliable as the sample size increases. We truly care about this feedback and believe it should play a key role in decision making, but in order for this to occur, we need a high percentage of parents to respond. I will be sharing the results of this important data in my first Tartan Talk on November 12. Please take 10-15 minutes to complete this anonymous survey by Wednesday, June 5.

You can access the survey by clicking on the following links:

The Preschool Survey will be sent out at a later date.

Lower School Survey:


Middle School Survey:


Upper School Survey:


If you have children in more than one division, you are encouraged to complete a survey for each child. If you have more than one child in that particular division, please answer the question keeping in mind the child who has attended our school the longest period of time. Below are a couple of things to keep in mind as you progress through the survey:

1. Once you begin the survey you will need to complete it in one sitting.

2. As you move from page to page in the survey, please use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of each survey page. If you use the back button on your browser tool bar, it will cause you to exit from the survey and you will have to re-enter the online tool and begin again.

The results are anonymous and will be analyzed by my office and shared with you at the Tartan Talk on November 12.

I thank you in advance for your time and wish you a wonderful and restful summer!

Warm regards,

Jeneen Graham

Academic Dean


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