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Battle of the Books Wins First Place!

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IMG_3837In which book do children fly around on huge bats? In which book are characters tense because of missiles in Cuba pointed at America? In which book does a meteor fall from the sky, through a roof and onto a bed?

If you can answer these questions you are probably on St. Margaret’s Battle of the Books team! BOB is the grade 4 and 5 reading team that just earned first place at the Orange County Battle of the Books Competition last week. Held at St. John’s Episcopal School in Orange St. Margaret’s students proved their book knowledge and eeked out a close victory by answering just one more question correctly over the second place team!

The 2013 BOB team includes Kate Farinella, Nicoletta Bonini, Taylor Nock, Matthew Rosenthal, Jackson Adelman, Carolyn Kennett, Hana Stauss, Miya Stauss, Lara Hairapetian, Izzy Morin, Tyler Payne, David Harding, Nicholas Jacome, Shaudeh Farjami, Nadia Farjami, and Raquel McMackin.

The BOB team, coached by Director of Library and Media Center Darla Magana and grade 4 teacher Colleen Beshk, has been meeting regularly since September to talk about and focus on the details of each of the 20 books on the BOB list this year. This group of avid readers has collectively read more than 182 books this year!

The BOB program combines good books, competition and lots of fun activities to motivate and challenge readers. For more information on BOB and for this years and past years BOB reading lists, click here to visit the Battle of the Books IMG_3885Library webpage.

Life-changing Experience

By Nadia Farjami, Grade 5

If you never thought of yourself as a flashlight reader hiding under the covers anxious to read every last word, well, join the club that was me until I joined Battle of the Books. When I first joined the club in fourth grade, I really wondered what I was getting myself into. Was it humanly possible to read all 20 books if you weren’t some kind of a nerd? The answer is a resounding, yes! Best of all, you learn to actually love reading because the books are like your passport to adventure. Awaiting you are endless adventures with new authors through the most amazing genres that you may never have discovered on your own. Wow, the organizers of BOB sure know how to select an assortment of books that kids love to read.

Best of all, it’s not all work and no play. You will meet many new fourth and fifth grade friends and experience working as a team with them. I never thought I could be so passionate in our group discussions about the books I read, but then again everyone else was too. Our group meetings were lively and entertaining, and I felt like I learned more by sharing and just listening to others’ ideas. I have to admit that when I joined BOB, I wasn’t the top reader in my class, but after two years of reading and competing I am now one of the top readers in my class. How did that happen, you’re wondering? Somehow in the process I fell in love with reading. Not only am I now an avid reader but, most certainly, my confidence has grown because I can now easily stand up in front of my peers and compete at a high level in competitions.

BOBGetting ready for the competition would have been impossible without Mrs. Magana and Mrs. Beshk, our advisors. They encouraged us, motivated us, supported us, believed in us, and were our sideline cheerleaders preparing us for a victory. What a day it was at the Orange County BOB competition. You could almost taste the excitement in the room. Talk about nerves, we sure felt them but knew underneath it all that our St. Margaret’s team could be victorious in the final round because of our intense preparation and focus on teamwork. Even though, we were in fifth place at halftime, we pulled together and were awarded the honor of winning first place. What a lasting memory my experience with BOB will be for my lifetime. Try it! It will be a life-changing experience.

To read more about the BOB student experience, click here.


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