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Knitting for the Homeless

7 February 2013 admin 3,416 views No Comment Email This Post Email This Post Print This Post Print This Post

100_2349By Arin Melkonian, Grade 12

St. Margaret’s Upper School is known for its academic rigor and as a place where students showcase their talents, abilities, and uniqueness as budding young adults. With the help of some friends, as a sophomore I started a new student organization called Knitting for the Homeless. The raison d’etre of this club is Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s famous quote, “The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service.” We began to knit scarves for the club so the warm and comfortable wraps could be donated to the Friendship Shelter in Laguna Beach. I feel that helping fellow human beings in need is a worthy cause and can be a very rewarding experience—the feelings of gratitude are euphoric and can last a lifetime.

This year, during Christmas break, Knitting for the Homeless donated more than 70 scarves to the Friendship Shelter. The Friendship Shelter was founded in 1987 and its mission is to help the homeless of South Orange County to regain self-sufficiency and become more productive members of the community. The shelter has served more than 6,000 homeless adults since its founding. The administrator, Alex, was elated to receive the gifts. She stated, “The residents will have their own scarves now and the scarves will keep them warm throughout the winter.” She praised the club members and encouraged them to continue their efforts towards providing for the local community.

Though I am graduating from St. Margaret’s this year, I plan to continue to knit and ask others to donate to their local homeless shelters because the homeless are in need of such amenities. I thank the club members and their families; because of their generous donations and their empathy, I was able to fulfill my goal of improving the situation of those who have a harsh circumstance in life.


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