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Junior Austin Russell Receives Top Awards at 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

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Ricoh Americas Corporation presented junior Austin Russell with the Ricoh Sustainable Development Award at last week’s 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, the world’s largest pre-college science competition showcasing more than 1,550 of the world’s leading young talent and their independent scientific research projects.

Austin was one of only two high school students to win this coveted award and received a $12,500 scholarship from the corporation. Austin was selected from more than 1,550 finalists representing 68 different geographic regions and nearly 445 affiliated fairs.

Click here for additional information on the Ricoh Sustainable Development Award.

Austin designed and prototyped a method of transmitting power over distances without the use of wires or other infrastructure between sites. His approach aims to both eliminate the huge losses of power (up to 50 percent) and dramatically reduce the use of mining and manufacturing resources currently involved in power transmission.

According to Austin’s mom, Shannon Russell, “Austin discovered a way to convert any energy source to light and back to energy with up to 97 percent quantum efficiency. Nikola Tesla first proposed this idea more than 100 years ago, and ever since, scientists and engineers have been attempting to make it happen. Although wireless power transmission techniques have been developed and even commercialized, they often have efficiencies on the order of a fraction of a percent at a distance of up to a few meters. Austin has developed a system that will deliver power wirelessly with up to 97 percent quantum efficiency. In addition, his method has the ability to transmit up to 10,000 kilometers (from space). His technology can locate and charge an electronic device such as a cell phone while it’s in your pocket, and it does not produce electromagnetic interference (EMI). He has a patent (pending) represented by Knobbe Martens LLP.”

In addition to the Ricoh Sustainable Development Award, Austin was awarded first place in two special categories at the 2012 Intel International Science Fair including, $3,000 from the Air Force Research Lab on behalf of the United States Air Force, and $5,000 from Ansaldo STS, a leader in the global mass transit industry.

“Next, I plan on working with a research laboratory on new medical laser technologies (early Cancer detection – epithelial cells); beginning professional trials on my method of brainwave induction therapy . . . and, of course seeing the new Innovation Lab come to life at St. Margaret’s,” said Austin.


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  • Renee Clary said:

    So glad to hear you won the RSD award and all of the amazing things you are working on.
    Congratulations Austin!