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Early College Acceptance Letters Flow for St. Margaret’s Class of 2012

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See complete list of schools that have early-accepted SMES seniors, click here.
See the list of Class of 2012 Tartan athletes who have committed to a college or university for next year, click here.

An impressive and diverse group of colleges and universities from across the country, including Barnard College, Boston College, Brown University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, New York University, Santa Clara University, Southern Methodist University, Stanford University, Wake Forest University, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania and Yale University, have one thing in common. These highly selective schools have already accepted a member or members of the St. Margaret’s Class of 2012.

At the mid-point of the college admission process, 84 percent of St. Margaret’s seniors have already received acceptance to a four-year college or university of their choice—many Tartans have received multiple acceptance letters.

“We are very excited by the record early acceptance of the St. Margaret’s 2012 senior class, but not completely surprised. These results underscore the enduring quality of a St. Margaret’s graduate, and importantly, they show that our students and their families are thoughtfully researching and identifying colleges and universities that are a good fit for them,” said Roland Allen, St. Margaret’s director of college counseling.

A record number of early acceptances is due in part to a college admission process called early action where a student has the opportunity to apply in an early admission round in the fall before the standard January application deadline. Many St. Margaret’s seniors took this step with at least some of their college applications, however, these early decisions only represent 19 percent of all St. Margaret’s seniors’ college applications for 2012.

“The early application process enables colleges and universities to pace their admission season and make early decisions on students who standout as a great match for their school,” said Amy Warren, St. Margaret’s associate director of college counseling. “Opting for applying early is an individual decision and we work with our students and their parents to identify the right school choices and the right application process for each situation.”

Senior Ryan Gooding applied early decision in November to Haverford College, a premier liberal arts college outside of Philadelphia. He learned of Haverford first from St. Margaret’s classmate Gabriela Leichnitz who had visited the school last year and thought it would be perfect for him. Ryan says it was too early for him to be thinking of college, but when the time came and he began his research, Mr. Allen suggested Haverford too.

“Within three weeks of Mr. Allen’s suggestion, I had met a Haverford representative on St. Margaret’s campus and my mom and I flew to Philadelphia to visit. We both fell in love with it and thought it was perfect for me. I had originally envisioned Michigan because I’ve always had a strong connection because my dad is a Michigan alumnus,” said Ryan. “The last night we were at Haverford, my mom and I created a list of pros and cons. The only con we could come up with was the food. That’s not as much about Haverford as it is that my mom is a great cook and I’ve been accustomed to her amazing cooking every night for my entire life!

“Mr. Allen and the college counselors not only know so many colleges and universities, but they take the time to get to know the individual student. That was certainly the case with me. Mr. Allen knew my interests, what kind of school and environment I was looking for, and I was confident in his recommendations. Haverford quickly became my top choice school.”

Colleges and universities determine if they offer an early application process or not. Subsequently, there are various options available for a student to apply early to certain schools. The term early action refers to the process for a student to apply early, but retains the choice to apply to multiple schools. Early decision applications are binding. A student can choose to apply to one school, often their top choice school, and if they are accepted they are committing at the application step to enrolling in the fall.

Understandably, Ryan says receiving a deny from Haverford would have been a big disappointment. Regardless, he says he was confident in his list of school choices and that he would be attending a great college next year that he loved and was right for him. Ryan received early decision acceptance to Haverford on December 15.

St. Margaret’s has 14 seniors in the class of 2012 who were accepted by early decision. They are:

  • Najet Fazai, Barnard College
  • Tiffany Cheng, Bowdoin College
  • Chelsie Churchill, Brown University
  • Camille Sheets, George Washington University
  • Nolan Lynch, Gettysburg College
  • George Clemmons, Haverford College
  • Ryan Gooding, Haverford College
  • Cole Gennrich, Johns Hopkins University
  • Brian Vail, Lehigh University
  • Crystal Chin, New York University
  • Katie Kontoulis, New York University
  • Jennifer Tedori, University of Pennsylvania
  • Natalie Barbaresi, Pomona College
  • Samantha Larsen, Wake Forest University

With many students applying to multiple schools, there are still many decisions to come before the mid-April close to the admission season. Most schools require all accepted students to declare their intent by May 1 each year.

Click here, to see the complete list of colleges and universities that have early-accepted members of the St. Margaret’s Class of 2012. See the list of Class of 2012 Tartan athletes who have committed to a college or university for next year, click here.

Ryan Gooding will attend Haverford in the fall where he plans to immediately beginning running cross country. He boasts with school pride that Haverford has a “top cross country program.” Additionally, he is leaving his academic options open, but is interested in political science after taking a course studying the upcoming 2012 presidential election at a George Washington University summer program last year. Additionally, he’s excited about Haverford’s campus student art center and studio, and continuing his passion for photography as a hobby.

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  • Sarah Greenberg said:

    Congratulations Tartan seniors! You are all awesome and intelligent individuals. It is nice to hear that your class has been successful in their college endeavors this far.

  • Roland Allen said:

    Thanks for your interest in the college admissions progress for the Class of 2012. The list of colleges is dynamic, and it changes every day.

    In addition to the colleges and universities listed on the linked list, students have also been admitted to:
    Chapman University, University of California at Riverside and University of Kansas.