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Emergency Communications System

15 September 2011 admin 1,789 views No Comment Email This Post Email This Post Print This Post Print This Post

Dear Parents,

As you know, the school experienced a campus-wide power outage along with most of Southern California last week for approximately 10 hours.

During that time, our ability to communicate with families was limited to phone lines. We sent three emergency broadcast phone calls in that time period to all parents and employees communicating our status and plans for school operations. We are able to track all phone calls sent, down to if a call was answered by a person or a voicemail system. We are pleased to report that within 10 minutes of dispatching our emergency broadcast calls more than 2200 parent calls were placed with over a 90 percent success rate of reaching a person or leaving a voicemail. Additionally, due to the reliability and success of this emergency system, we were able to keep you informed through the power outage and avoid prematurely cancelling school for Friday.

If you did not receive these phone messages, your phone number(s) most likely needs to be updated in our system. Our ability to successfully communicate with each of our families in an emergency is completely dependent on accurate family profile data. Please take a few minutes to review your family profile data by visiting the Parents page of our website and selecting the Family Profile link on the left side of the page (click here to visit the Parents page), and update any information needed, including all phone numbers and email addresses on which you would like to be contacted in a campus-wide emergency. Please note, you can log two contact phone numbers per parent.

In general, please know that St. Margaret’s will use broadcast phone messages and emails and postings to the front page of the school website as primary modes to disseminate emergency messages. Last week, while we were unable to post messages to our school website during the power outage, we were able to post messages to our school Facebook page as a secondary mode of communication. Please be assured, however, we do not rely on social media as a primary form of communications with our families. Lastly, we are exploring additional back-up power to keep our servers up and running through a future power outage.

We will keep you apprised of any changes to our emergency plans, however, please note that a full description is included in the Parent-Student Handbook under the Emergency Preparedness section on page 55. To access the online handbook, visit the Parents page of our website and select the Parent/Student Handbook link on the left side of the page (click here to visit the Parents page).

Thank you for your cooperation in this vital matter. In these times, we are reminded that the safety and security of our students and reliable communications with our families is our utmost priority.


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