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Grade 4 Students Present Their NAIS 20/20 Water Challenge Projects

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By Morgan Young, Grade 4 Science Teacher

On Wednesday, grade 4 students had a chance to present their Water Challenge Project in hopes of bringing more awareness to water conservation and deficits both locally and globally. The students shared all of their hard work and creativity with parents, faculty and grade 5 students. The students truly took ownership of this challenge and succeeded at bringing more awareness to this issue.

Students used their own talents and passions to come up with creative ways to share their research. Some students worked hard at researching, designing and creating their own flyers, posters, programs and brochures; some students wrote a children’s book that included their own illustrations and engaging stories that other children would love to read; some students wrote letters to the mayor and president regarding this issue; some students researched and designed their own cartoon; some students created videos and PowerPoint presentations; some students collected and graphed data; one student took time to interview someone from the ecology center and shared that information with the class, while others made up their own skit that children could relate to. Another group designed their own online game that included water saving tips. The students even used the resources available to them to design a website for this challenge.

The students were definitely not lacking in any creativity or resourcefulness! They even hosted a bake sale to help raise money for Waves for Water, an organization determined to help bring clean water to those who do not have access around the world. Their efforts raised $240!

If you would like to join the grade 4 students and become a water saver, please check out their online site www.waterwisesavers.webs.com and become a member today!


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