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Local Animal Shelter Visits Kindergarten

2 June 2011 admin 2,544 views No Comment Email This Post Email This Post Print This Post Print This Post

By Anna Brower, Kindergarten Teacher

A representative from the Pet Project Foundation that supports the San Clemente Animal Shelter visited Kindergarten classrooms on Wednesday to talk with students about what the animal shelter does to support animals in our community.

Kindergarten’s last unit of the year is “A World of Animals.” Students have spent the last three weeks reading literature on animals, discussing their favorite animals and learning about endangered animals. This has all been tied back to the importance of being a good citizen and taking care of our environment and the members of our community, not leaving out our furry friends.

With the assistance of a Kindergarten parent, Elaine Perry, students learned that they could help the furry friends at our local animal shelter by creating a Kindergarten Towel Drive. Over the last two weeks, Kindergarten students have collected old towels and blankets from home to donate to the shelter. These towels will be used for a number of necessities at the shelter, from providing warmth for dogs’ bedding to helping to dry them off after a bath. With the number of towels being donated, the San Clemente Animal Shelter may also be able to help other animal shelters in the area and a shelter in Mexico that are not as fortunate in receiving donations.

Our visitor brought along her own rescue dog, Milly, from an Orange County shelter. This provided students with a strong visual and a real life scenario of who they could be helping with the towels they brought in to donate. Students asked questions about what the animal shelter does and how they take care of the animals that live there. They also learned the safest way to approach an unknown dog.

This was a valuable learning experience for the students in Kindergarten. Even at their young age they are learning that they have ways to give back to others in their community and make an impact. They are learning that a life of service is an integral part in being a strong citizen of our community and beyond.


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