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2011 Upper School Awards

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Last Friday, the 2011 Upper School Awards Ceremony honored the exemplary academic achievement of St. Margaret’s junior and senior students, their outstanding work beyond the classroom and contributions to the life of the school throughout their Upper School careers. Awards were given to students who showed high academic distinction, outstanding leadership, high character, extracurricular involvement and exceptional athletic ability.

Nine juniors were honored with College Book Awards, which are defined by the personal and academic qualities connected to the participating colleges. Seniors were also recognized with more than 20 awards including four State Scholar-Athlete Awards and 11 Departmental Honors. Nine seniors were presented with plaques that include their names etched on permanent plaques displayed on the Upper School campus.

Upper School Principal and Associate Headmaster David Boyle, opened with a warm welcome to all the students, parents and faculty in attendance advising the underclassmen to pay close attention to the attributes, values, abilities and personal qualities described in these awards as they represent the very best of our students and school; worthy of emulation.

Headmaster Marcus D. Hurlbut also acknowledged that, “While most of the awards presented are for distinguished academic work, nearly all carry with them, either implicitly or explicitly, an important acknowledgement of character and ethical behavior.” He also thanked parents, especially those of seniors, who are in the process of concluding an important chapter in the history of their family.

This year was especially meaningful as Mr. Boyle was honored by Mr. Hurlbut who expressed a heartfelt gratitude for his loyal and faithful service to the entire school community, stating “as in marriage, he has served in sickness and in health and his dedication has been passionate and faithful.” On behalf of the entire Upper School student body, seniors Blakely Collier and Colin Shaffer also presented Mr. Boyle with a special tribute for leading the Upper School for the past six and a half years and acknowledged how much the senior class welcomed his straight forward leadership style. Two benches with quotes and a plaque dedicated to Mr. Boyle will be placed in the Upper School Tartan Courtyard symbolizing his legacy and dedication for the past 31 years.

Ceremony highlights included the National Anthem performed by junior Katherine Schneider, the Invocation and Benediction by The Reverend Earl Gibson and an emotional standing ovation for Mr. Boyle for his years of service to the Upper School.

Please congratulate our students; the complete list of winners is below.

Junior College Book Awards

The Colgate Book – Recipient: Saba Saghafi. This book is awarded to a junior ranking in the top of the class while undertaking a most rigorous academic curriculum, earning high academic distinction with outstanding leadership.

The Harvard Book Prize – Recipient: Ted Ko. This book is awarded to a student who best combines scholastic ability, high character and extracurricular involvement.

The Middlebury Book – Recipient: Caroline Walters. This book is awarded to an exceptional student who has shown remarkable commitment in environmental studies.

The University of Pennsylvania Book – Recipient: Barrett Travis. This book is awarded to a junior who ranks top of the class and best exemplifies the qualities and characteristics of Benjamin Franklin—a scholar, innovator and server of the community.

The Princeton Book – Recipient: Gabriela Leichnitz. This book is awarded to a junior who exhibits intellectual promise, academic excellence and outstanding personal character.

The Rennsalear Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Medal – Recipient: Ted Ko. This is awarded to a junior who excels in advanced math and science and exhibits a well-rounded involvement in the community.

The Smith College Book – Recipient: Mary Ahearn. This book is awarded to a junior girl who ranks in the top of the class and exemplifies academic achievement, leadership qualities and concern for others.

The Williams College Book – Recipient: Natalie Barbaresi. This book is awarded to a junior who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and has made a significant contribution to the extracurricular life of the school.

The Yale Book – Recipient: George Clemmons. This book is awarded to a junior who has demonstrated outstanding personal character and intellectual promise.

Dominic Ondryas Memorial Award – Recipient: Meaghan Hurr. Awarded to a junior who has exercised leadership during their years at St. Margaret’s and who has shown a willingness to improve the community and world by leading others through personal example.

Special Athletic Award

The State Scholar-Athlete Awards – Recipients: Emily Boone, Davis Edwards, Cameron Price and Colin Shaffer. Awarded to seniors who maintained a 3.70 unweighted cumulative GPA and excelled in athletics, earning all California Interscholastic Federation distinction.

Awards for Athletes of the Year were also awarded earlier in the week to Billy Gaudreau and Sarah Paddon. Recipients of the John Balak awards were Michelle Lancaster and Davis Edwards.

Senior Awards – Departmental Honors

A Departmental Book was awarded to the seniors who achieved excellence in each academic discipline listed below, selected by the members of each department.

English – Charles Cox

Chinese – Katherine Berchtold

French – Anna McGregor

Japanese – Alex Chung

Latin – Shirin Sadri

Spanish – Erin Thomas

History – Hunter Meece

Mathematics – Jonathan Li

Science – Jonathan Li

Performing Arts – George Ko

Visual Arts – Andrew Kim

The Founder’s Award – Recipient: Jonathan Li. Awarded to a senior who maintained the highest grade point average in the class and has been selected as this year’s Valedictorian.

Salutatorian Award – Recipient: Jared Schoeffel. Awarded to the senior who maintained the second-highest grade point average in the class.

The Bishop’s Award – Recipient: Blakely Collier. Awarded to the senior who has set an example of overall achievement, combining an excellent academic record with exemplary service to the school.

The Board of Trustees’ Award – Recipient: Charles Cox. Awarded to the senior who has attended St. Margaret’s for at least two years, has grown the most both as a person and as a student and has taken advantage of many opportunities for involvement.

St. Margaret’s Award – Recipient: Emma Rice. Awarded to the senior whose academic work was distinguished by the love of scholarship and who, by example, contributed most to the academic morale of the school.

PTF Service Award – Recipient: Sarah Greenberg. Awarded to the senior whose leadership embodies the spirit of selflessness through commitment and involvement.

Faculty Achievement Award – Recipient: Bryan Flores. Awarded to the senior who has maintained high academic standards through an exceptional combination of achievement, resilience and perseverance.

Faculty Plate – Recipient: Victoria Davidson. Awarded to the senior who has made the most of their St. Margaret’s experience and clearly manifests the Latin inscription on the award plate, suo marte or “by one’s own prowess.”

Principal’s Cup – Recipient: Colin Shaffer. Awarded to the senior who has grown to exemplify the ideals of Honor, Diligence and Decency. This senior questioned the application and meaning of these ideals in his involvement at St. Margaret’s, as a student and leader, and has made this school a better place by living life courageously, consistently and compassionately.

Recognitions were also given by Director of Admission and Financial Aid Phoebe Larson, to the Admission Ambassadors; by Director of K-12 Community Service, Upper School Student Activities and Events Lora Allison to the Associated Student Body; by Upper School Assistant Principal Ryan Dahlem, to the Honor Committee; and by All-School Counselor Janice Avalone, to the Peer Counselors. Congratulations to all Upper School Award winners!

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