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Lower School Science Students Get “Buzzy” About Bees

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The Discovery Science Center joined St. Margaret’s Lower School science classroom on Monday, May 2 for an inspiring science program called Buzzy Bees. Mrs. Anne Kemp’s Kindergarten class got “buzzy” learning about bees through an engaging lesson in which their science teacher, Ms. Morgan Young, was transformed into a giant bee!

Students then had the chance to put together their own buzzy bee which made bee sounds while twirling it around. The students were fascinated with bees and learned so much from the experience.

“When I saw the kinders after the program I was so proud of how much they learned. Students were naming the parts of a bee and using words like abdomen, thorax and poison gland. But most importantly I loved to see their excitement for learning science and their inspiration to want to know more about bees,” said Ms. Young.

The students’ curiosity about bees even stumped the director of the program when one student asked, “Well if bees don’t eat the honey they make then why do they make it?” The class learned later that it is used as food for the larvae and baby bees as well as for emergency situations in which there is not enough food (also called bee bread) for the hive during the winter.

This was truly a beneficial experience for the Kindergarten classes. St. Margaret’s Lower School science program is continually striving to create an environment in which students are ambitious to learn science and inspired to seek a deeper meaning behind the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of the world around them.

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