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SMES Students Learn to Soar Via Videoconference

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IMG_4653On Thursday, during The Science Behind Flight: Soaring the Sky videoconference, students from Mr. Joe Ingalls’ engineering and physics classes learned what it takes to pilot a motorless flying machine. Students interacted with glider pilot Mel Burkhart and asked questions about the basics of flight. They explored the scientific concepts of drag, thrust, gravity and lift and how they apply to motorless flight; they toured Mr. Burkhart’s glider; and they saw how a sailplane operates and what is involved in planning and executing a glider flight plan. Students also gained knowledge about the effect of meteorologic and climatologic forces on flight. The program included video of the glider in flight from both the pilot’s perspective and from the ground including take-off, navigation and airmanship, searching for sources of lift and landing both on-field and off-field.

“Soaring is a delightful experience and wonderfully safe,” said Mr. Burkhart. “It gives you the ability to connect with nature and to match your skills with those of the environment.”

Along with St. Margaret’s, three other schools from across the country participated in the videoconference and were given the opportunity to interact with the glider pilot and ask questions live via satellite.

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