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Educational Technology Plan Announcement

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We are happy to publish our Educational Technology Plan, which supports our overall curriculum, instruction, professional development and administration goals for the next three years. This plan is a culmination of efforts by a task force comprised of faculty, students and parents who attended work sessions and meetings to brainstorm ideas and discuss various components for inclusion in the plan. It also includes data collected from the broader community through the use of surveys and interviews with faculty, staff, administrators, parents and students. In addition to initiatives and projects already in process at St. Margaret’s, current trends in education, business, communication, and global politics were evaluated, as was a review of emerging technologies on the horizon likely to have a large impact on teaching or learning.

The purpose of our technology program is to support classroom environments that use technological resources to promote cognitive development through inquiry, real and relevant problem-solving, collaborative endeavors, and differentiated instruction. Through the use of constructivist teaching practices, the St. Margaret’s faculty will facilitate and guide student learning by teaching students to process information, create and make meaning of complex concepts, and develop effective and productive habits of mind. Our students live in a diverse, globally connected, digital society that will require its leaders to use technology to produce, create and imagine solutions to problems as part of their daily lives. At St. Margaret’s, we are preparing the leaders of tomorrow by using research-based best practices to cultivate imagination and challenge thinking.

Over the next three years we will continue to establish and refine our educational environment to support 21st century curriculum and instruction with resources and instructional strategies that enable our students to learn content and skills needed to be successful leaders of the 21st century. In addition, we will implement and maintain technology systems and the necessary infrastructure to support the school’s overall mission and interaction within the larger community.

The link on our Web site is: http://www.smes.org/main/about/etp.html

Dr. Regina McDuffie

Academic Dean

Lynn Ozonian

Director of Academic Technology

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