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Wondering What to Wear to Club 30? We Can Help!

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The theme of this year’s PTF Spring Fundraiser, Club 30: A Tartan Jazz Club, pays homage to the glamour of the 1930s as it celebrates the 30th anniversary of St. Margaret’s.

But what did people wear during the time of Gershwin, gimlets and Garbo? What is a bias-cut gown? How do you make a pincurl? The fashion of the 1930s need not be intimidating. We have gathered resources to provide information and inspiration, whether you plan to wear a vintage style or to bring out a favorite garment you already have.

Fashion in the 1930s was more sober than the clothing seen in the 1920s. Styles were influenced by Paris designers and by American cinema, and fashion had an air of simplicity with a dose of Hollywood glamour. Gowns with big shoulders and ankle-length hemlines with a bias cut (a 45-degree angle) and scoop backs were seen throughout evening venues. Short hair with pincurls or medium-length hair with waves were both in vogue for women. Hats were sported by gentlemen and ladies alike, and men wore dark double-breasted suits, with a new interest in midnight blue and navy.

Although these resources aren’t scholarly in nature, they might be helpful to you as you find your own style for Club 30.

Wikipedia explains fashions throughout the 1930s.

Love to Know Discusses men’s fashions during the 1930s.

Fashion Era shows pictures of 1930s hats and hairstyles.

View ideas for vintage-style headpieces and hair accessories:



See something 1930s-style:


See you at Club 30!

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