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Student Perspective: Clay Figures in the 3-D Art Show

30 December 2009 admin 2,097 views One Comment Email This Post Email This Post Print This Post Print This Post

By Emily Moore, grade 10

3dartFor the 3-D Art Show held on December 4, my clay project was on display in the Clay Lab alongside other works from Middle School and Upper School students. My piece was a set of clay figures climbing, made as part of a class project.

For this project, art students made 10 figures, all doing a constant action. We were given the freedom of choosing what action the figures would be doing. While I was wondering what the theme of my project would be, I realized that using the cabinet where we store our work could be a fun idea. I decided to have all my 10 figures climbing up the cabinet, suspended by some type of string.

I definitely underestimated the time and craftsmanship it would take to create these figures, especially with the details of hands, feet, shoulders, etc. At first I became frustrated, but then I realized that rushing through this project would not be a good thing to do, but that I should just be patient. I started with a small cube of clay and used my hands only to pinch a realistic human form. Once all 10 figures were completed and dry, I tied string around their waist to suspend them from the cabinet. I tied the other end of the string onto the cabinet, and all the figures together portrayed the motion that the figures were climbing. Although frustrating at first, this was a great learning experience overall!

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  • Peg Beemer said:

    I LOVE it!!! You go, Emily!!