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Librarians Named Grand Champions at Book Cart Drill Team Competition

23 November 2009 admin 6,436 views 8 Comments Email This Post Email This Post Print This Post Print This Post

By Bonnie Bauer, Library Assistant

libchampsThe St. Margaret’s librarians were named Grand Champions at the California School Library Association’s Book Cart Drill Team Competition Thursday night. Calling themselves the Capistrano Cowgirls, and with getup to match, the team entered the arena with book carts decorated with steer heads, saddles and wagon wheels. The crowd cheered loudly and rang cowbells as the group performed their energetic routine to the 1980’s Escape Club hit, Wild, Wild West.

The team, comprising Karen Angus, Bonnie Bauer, Rosemary DeSa and the library’s director, Darla Magaña, practiced for about six weeks on Sunday afternoons in the school’s gym. All their hard work paid off as they wowed the audience with highly synchronized line dancing, an old-fashioned shoot-out using their barcode scanners as guns, cartwheels and a finale which included a round-off splits move by team captain, Bonnie Bauer. The Cowgirls received two perfect scores of 10 and took the top prize – a bright-orange colored book cart and $250 gift certificate from the competition’s sponsor, DEMCO.

So stop by the library to checkout their proudly displayed prize along with a good book!

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  • Michele Silverman said:

    Congratulations, Capo Cowgirls! Way to represent the school, defend your championship title and keep the golden bookcart!

  • Allison Carr said:

    A HUGE Victory! What Fun! We are so lucky to have such a dynamic staff taking care of ALL the media needs of our students.

  • Donna Jacobsen said:

    Congratulations! I hope you have a video of your routine so we all can see you in action.

  • Holly Mehling said:

    Hooray for Literature and Dancing! Congrats, Ladies. We’d love to see a video of your performance!

  • Nancy Linaweaver said:

    Way to go girls. I want to see footage of your performance. Are you guys on Youtube???

  • cyndi quinn said:

    Congratulations!!! it’s things like this that make me miss that school!

  • Pam Virk said:

    Way to go ladies! We would love to see the video!

  • Deb Lake said:

    Congratulations! You all looked like you were having so much fun!! What a great way to represent SMES. Sydney and I both enjoyed watching the video, thank you for posing it!