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Universal Health Care Guest Speaker

28 February 2009 admin 1 views No Comment Email This Post Email This Post Print This Post Print This Post

By: Jack Bobruk
Grade 7
“We’re out of control, guys. This is crazy!”

This was how Dr. Michael Weiss briefly described the complex issue of universal health care in the United States to the seventh-grade classes on the morning of Friday, February 13, in Highland Hall.

All seventh-grade students are currently learning research skills by investigating universal health care, in a research unit taught collaboratively by seventh-grade English teachers Jeni Johnson and Michele Silverman and Darla Magaña, director of the Library and Media Center. “This unit is multifaceted, requiring students to evaluate resources, closely read articles they’ve found using databases, write business letters, cite sources accurately and eventually debate,” said Mrs. Silverman.

In addition to school resources, guest speakers such as Dr. Michael Weiss, a local pediatrician and graduate of both the University of Michigan and the Western University of Health Sciences, have visited St. Margaret’s to share their insights on this timely and controversial topic.

Julianna Coleman, grade 7, said, “I liked how the speaker was able to give new ideas about the topic of universal health care.” For example, Julianna said, “I was surprised that 50 percent of medical expenses are spent on making up for medical mistakes.”

Lauren Golledge, grade 7, remarked that Dr. Weiss taught her about the money that is spent on unnecessary and expensive procedures such as MRI tests. She added, “I didn’t know that people had to travel to the United States to get some surgeries” that are not available in countries with single-payer systems, such as Canada.

We are looking forward to an additional guest speaker, who will provide more insight into this topic for us to consider as we draft essays and prepare for debates.

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